Fight fans,

Chicagoland Boxing, LLC is not a gym or training company. It’s simply a company to help promote amateur boxing, put on amateur boxing shows, rent boxing rings, and help gyms or individuals with boxing consulting. We plan on working with as many gyms as possible.

Chicagoland Boxing, LLC is based out of the Chicagoland area but we’re looking forward to working with gyms from all over the United States and other countries. Why match up Illinois’ best fighters against Illinois’ best fighters when you can match them up against Indiana’s, Michigan’s, Wisconsin’s, Ohio’s, etc best fighters? Or better yet, match them up against Mexico’s, Ireland’s, or Poland’s best fighters!

Since the founder of Chicagoland Boxing, LLC was a fighter turned boxing trainer / official, he wants to take a normal amateur boxing show to the next level by putting on an event worth talking about.

Thank you,
Chicagoland Boxing, LLC

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