Founder, Shaun Tallon, was an average city kid growing up on Chicagos Southwest side. It wasn’t uncommon to run the streets, fight and get in trouble. After some of Shaun’s friends started boxing at Scottsdale Park, he joined their boxing team on February 1, 1999. Shaun walked in the gym as the 46th person to sign up under Coach Rick Fornuto. He was a 150lbs, 58 14-year-old who quickly fell in love with the competitive aspect of the sport, and loved that you could beat someone up and get rewarded for it.

In 2002, Shaun started helping out Coach Rick Fornuto with some of the kids around the gym.  And by 2003, Shaun (now eighteen) started working with and training fighters while also training and competing himself.

In 2004, Shaun became a certified coach and official with USA Boxing (he has since judged/time-kept over one thousand fights). During the same year, Shaun also received his Professional Seconds License to work professional fighters corners.  He began working under Sam Colonna at Chicagos fabled Windy City Gym.  There, he trained amateur fighters and helped Sam with the pros.  At the time, there were numerous notable professionals at Windy City.  Shaun assisted at Windy City through 2005.

Also in 2004, Shaun helped set up and run the State Jr. Olympic Tournament with the Junior Olympic Chairman, Rick Fornuto.  Due to the National Golden Gloves happening the same weekend, Shaun was left to run the tournament on his own for its final two days, ensuring that the State Junior Olympics continued without a hitch.   From then on, Shaun continued to assist Fornuto, as needed, at Scottsdale Park Boxing.

Fast forward to 2010.  Shaun was recruited by Jessica Storch and Bob Miller, owners of Warrior Fighting Sports & Fitness, to consult and advise on the junior division of their boxing team.  He also worked as a boxing trainer at Warrior and was an integral part of leading their team to two Ringside World Championships.  These championships produced multiple winners and finalists.  Some of the fighters that Shaun had the opportunity to work with at Warrior even went on to win multiple championships in their amateur boxing careers since Shauns departure from the club. 

Upon hearing that Shawna & Frankie Scalise were opening up a new gym in Bridgeport in April 2015, Shaun reached out to see if Frankie was in need of any help. After meeting, Shaun began to help finish the build-out and set-up of the Bridgeport Boxing Club.  Shaun worked there as a trainer for several months before going back to Scottsdale Park Boxing full-time.

Shaun was consistently volunteering 3 to 4 days a week for about 4 to 5 hours a day.  That’s not even including all of the time he traveled to and from fights and tournaments all over the country. He paid for his own gas and travel expenses, along with the expense of his Amateur Boxing License and certifications. Each of these certifications required up-to-date maintenance in order to work with the kids. 

In 2016, Shaun also started working with long-time teammate and friend, Jose Felix Quezada, who recently turned professional. At first, Shaun was only helping Jose make weight for his 6th and 7th professional fight. But, after Joses 7th fight, Shaun took over all of his day-to-day training and fight preparations.

Tragically, in September of 2016, Scottsdale Park Boxing was shut down.  Due to a technicality, Coach Rick was forced into retirement, after 18 years of dedication to their boxing program. Unfortunately, Shaun and the other coaches (only being volunteers), were not eligible to keep the facility up and running.  Thats when Shaun decided to launch his own boxing business.  

In late-September/early-October, Shaun got the wheels in motion to open up his own boxing-promotion, training, consulting, and ring-rental business.  Essentially, he wanted to cut out the middleman and create a one-stop-shop for all of one’s boxing needs.



Shaun M. Tallon


The concept for my company is to cut out the middleman and to give back to the sport.  After chatting with local boxing gyms and organizations, I’m creating a business where like-minded people could work together to better the sport of boxing and bring it back to its humble roots – where passionate fighters could have a fighting chance in the industry rather than have to worry about upsetting promoters and not be able to fight on any shows. 

Teaming up with several people in the area who share my vision, I formed Chicagoland Boxing, LLC, a boxing company that prides itself on caring for the future of boxing.  

I’m used to volunteering nearly 1000 hours a year.  So, in all honesty, I’m going into business with hopes to just break even.  Chicagoland Boxing, LLC. is not meant to be a 9 to 5 job that pays my bills.  Any profit made from private shows will go towards funding my own shows.

Through years of experience, I have excelled at training successful fighters. Plus, I’ve always had a natural eye towards the boxing business, combined with the drive to succeed.  Through nearly 20 years in the boxing industry, prior to forming Chicagoland Boxing, LLC., I discovered that the never-ending process of training fighters over and over, would no longer be fulfilling.  I wanted to do more for the boxing world than just spend all of my time volunteering in a gym. 

By expanding my options beyond the gym, I will have the fortunate opportunity to help many more fighters than just my own.  My goal over the next few years is to make a name for myself in the boxing promoting arena.  I hope to promote fights out of many of the clubs I had fought at, myself. 


The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On

Turning dreams into reality cannot be done by one man alone.  Founder, Shaun Tallon, knows that he wouldn’t be able to accomplish a fraction of the things that he’d intended, if it weren’t for the support and dedication of an awesome crew.  Shaun has surrounded himself with multiple individuals who share his passion for the sport (and the business) of boxing, some of whom have been with him since day one. Through this exciting collaboration of unspoken partners, Chicagoland Boxing, LLC. can now proudly offer everything from basic boxing skills to world-class event-planning.  

Chicagoland Boxing, LLC. wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if it wasn’t for its highly-skilled team.  A team you can rely on.